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The History of The B-A-D Foundation

Posted on December 11, 2009 at 11:22 AM



The Believing All Dreams Foundation also known as the B-A-D Foundation was officially founded June 14, 2008 at the KKFI 90.1fm studios while Timothy John was being interviewed by Donna Wolfe on her radio show, Urban Connections. Timothy was there promoting his upcoming play Addicted 2 Love after his cast just got done performing a scene from the play at the Juneteenth Celebration in Kansas City Kansas. To start the interview Donna asked Timothy to tell the audience where he just came from. After sharing his day prior to the interview with audiences, he said, “We can’t forget what Juneteenth is really about.”


That statement in the first 5 minutes of the interview set the tone for the next series of questions along with the rest of the interview. Timothy went on to say how Juneteenth represented the freedom the remaining slaves received while they continued in bondage without knowing prior to the news. From there the questions were more personal to give the audience insight of who the man Timothy John was and where he came from. After explaining the background of the play, he shared with the listeners his vision for the future.


This vision was the B-A-D Foundation that was going to target youth who were labeled bad, who lacked hope, and who had experienced a rough life. Timothy John explained how so many opportunities for youth and adults are dependent too much on having financial resources in order for them to develop their talents. He went on to say how he wanted to open a school that educated, prepared, and developed every aspect of art and skills ranging from acting, singing, writing, dancing to cooking, designing, building, and any skill you can imagine.


The roots of the B-A-D Foundation would be intended to give the youth hope by developing or introducing new skills and positioning them to succeed in life. After hearing this, several callers called in to commend him for his idea but one call Timothy John says he’ll never forget. “There was a guy named ‘Blind Guy’ who called in and said that not only was I on to something but he believed that I had the passion and calling to fulfill my dream.” From that moment the B-A-D Foundation was more than an idea. It was the beginning of a movement.


In July 2009, he partnered with La’Pourchea McConico to create the Joyce Todd B-A-D Foundation Scholarship, in honor of a pioneer in the arts and Strong's mentor. He chose La’Pourchea to help him continue his efforts because of the passion she showed to help people. Since the two first met on a rehearsal set of one of his plays a month prior, she showed strong leadership skills and a connection to the youth. Timothy John chose to name the scholarship after Joyce Todd, founder of JT Productions, because of her influence in his life.


She helped him spiritually, professionally, and financially by sharing her wisdom that she acquired over the years. To show his appreciation, he chose to name the foundation’s scholarship after her. She gladly gave him permission to name the scholarship after her and now the foundation is working to helping as many students as we can.



“One Dream at a Time”



Taking an active part in a unified effort of giving back to the community, providing information, entertainment, and opportunities for our youth to excel in school, work and higher education, while instilling strong family values.



To provide an environment dependent upon service, motivated by faith, dedicated to honorable achievement, and founded on the future: of our youth, our family, and our community.


The Joyce Todd Believing All Dreams Scholarship

The B-A-D Foundation is proud to announce the Joyce Todd Believing All Dreams Scholarship. This scholarship has been created specifically for students who at some point in their lives were labeled bad who have great dreams and who have endured even greater adversity. The B-A-D Foundation has a goal of taking the word bad, along with the students labeled bad, and giving them both a new definition with positive results.


B-A-D Boyz & Girlz

The B-A-D Foundation’s B-A-D Boyz & Girlz is a group designed for ages (20 and under) to train a child in the way they should go. This group is distinctively separate from the foundation, because all of the programs, productions, and events put on under this group’s name will be done completely by the youth. The B-A-D Foundation is backed by the adult staff and is designed to raise money for the scholarship and programs. The B-A-D Boyz & Girlz will host their own events to use the money to made to give directly back to the community. This group will be facilitated by the Divine Diamond Descendantz.

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