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"Honorable achievement in every field of human endeavor since 1981."

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 Timothy John Strong is a passionate and accomplished talent whose life long dream has been to share his gifts of writing and performing with the world. He’s the proud father of his son, Timirance JorDon. He is the CEO & Chairman of Nu Image Pioneerz Corporation (N.I.P.), The Believing All Dreams Foundation (The B-A-D Foundation), and the D.I.V.I.N.E. Diamond Descendantz (D.I.V.I.N.E. Diamondz). He has written several plays including: Purpose Driven Love: The Love of My LifeJust in Love I: 1 LOVE, Just in Love II: ADDICTED 2 LOVE, Just in Love III3-WAY LOVE, and God's Love: From Pimp to Preacher. He's also written three one-man shows: Bishop T. L. Brown... LIVE IN HD!The Pryor Empire, and The King and X Man(see below for details on Timothy John's companies and productions)

His many talents include stand up comedy. In 1999 he was the special guest of the Apollo Theatre, performing stand up in a heartfelt tribute to Richard Pryor. He also opened up for the world famous comedian and actress Simply Marvelous (from Comic View, Def Comedy Jam, “Talking Dirty After Dark”, “House Party 3”, and other hit movies) in Branson, MO in 2006. He was the Founder, Host and DJ of “The Franchise” for talk radio station KSDB 91.9FM from 2003-2007. In 2002, he was the National Black Theatre Festival’s celebrity slam poetry winner hosted by Malcolm Jamal-Warner from “The Cosby Show”.

His directorial credits are not to be taken lightly. He made his directorial debut in 1998 when he wrote, directed, and produced Just in Love I: 1 LOVE. He was the Director of the Ebony Theatre at Kansas State University from 1999-2007. In 2000, he taught theater at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, CA at the Center for Talented Youth. He Co-Directed the ‘The Colored Museum’ at Kansas State University in 2002. He most recently wrote, directed, and produced the critically acclaimed Just in Love II: ADDICTED 2 LOVE at the renowned GEM theatre in Kansas City's historical 18th & Vine Jazz District. (see News tab for more info: A Black Writer's Thought-Provoking Play and Trio of Washington High Graduates Started Nu Image Productionz)

He has starred in several plays including the one-man show as Richard Pryor in 'The Pryor Empire', the hit stage play 'A Crying Shame’ as Calhoun, as Cobb in ‘A Soldiers Story’, as Little Richard in ‘The Rehearsal’ with award winning playwright Nathan Jackson, as Malcolm X in ‘The Meeting’ with Donny Halliburton of DJH Productions, as Biggs in Angela ‘Wildflower’ Polk’s adaptation of “The Wiz”, ‘The Land of Ahhz’, as Malik in the short film series ‘Family Health Chronicles’, Portrayed Jesus in Kevin Billberry’s (of KB Productions) stage play ‘The Passion’, as Martin Luther King, Jr. in ‘The Meeting’ with Pete Adams (national producer and owner of celebrity street ball team Team Hollywood and Resource Playground).

He has placed his brand on the self-made rock star and loved by all around the world character, Bishop T. L. Brown. Bishop Brown is the Pastor of the Keep Hope Alive Faith Temple Tabernacle High Definition Pimpin' Church of God in Christ. You can catch Bishop Brown in his own one-man show Bishop Brown... LIVE IN HD!, Just in Love I: 1 LOVE, Just in Love II: ADDICTED 2 LOVE, Just in Love III: 3-WAY LOVE, or the gospel play God's Love: From Pimp to Preacher. Bishop Brown says, "Whatever you do, do it... for the Lord!"

Timothy John is currently producing the play Purpose Driven Love: The Love of My Life where he plays our Commander in Chief, Jabrak Osawa. Be sure to sign the guestbook and comment on the blogs. Be on the lookout for one of Timothy John's productions coming to a church or theatre near you! Also, stay tuned for the resurrection of The Franchise coming soon to internet radio!

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                                              Stage plays and upcoming feature films...

               *Purpose Driven Love: The Love of My Life

What happens when a bi-racial law student from Hawaii with political aspirations meets a career-driven Southside girl from Chicago? Their love first sparked in a Chicago office. The fire quickly ignited then the flame burned all the way to the Oval office! On their journey, they experienced several life-changing setbacks that nearly destroyed their marriage. Their story proves that love conquers all. (To book Purpose Driven Love email: puposedrivenlove@gmail.com)


                                       *Just in Love I: 1 LOVE

1 Love is a compelling story of young love destroying friendships as the result of betrayal, abuse, and unhealthy releationships. It was 1st performed live in it's entirety on Kansas City's radio station, KPRT Gospel 1590AM in December 1998. It was then performed live on stage for 3 nights at Washigton High School in March 1999, Strong's senior year. The play and author were also featured in the book, A Teacher's Cry by Lewis Diuguid. The book is about students growth in school and how it is affected by their growth in inner city neighborhoods.


                       *Just in Love II: ADDICTED 2 LOVE

ADDICTED 2 LOVE is an inspiring story about an interacial family's addiction, relapse, and recovery. When laughter, fighting, and religion fail to keep this family together, they turn to the only thing they have left: LOVE. Everyone is addicted to some but God has the greatest addiction of all: LOVE! This play is a 21st century A Raisin in the Sun meets Miracle On 34th Street... with a crazy twist!!! (Go to News tab to listen to two exclusive radio interviews about the play, cast, and author.)


                         *Just in Love III: 3-WAY LOVE

 3-WAY LOVE is the finale in the triology of the Just in Love series.  A young couple that is not so young anymore must face the reality of their choices as their pasts come full circle to now stare them in the face. Everyone knows that maintaining a relationship that has seen more break ups than make ups is not the easiest thing to do. This task seems impossible when you're trying to live right but surrounded by nothing but violence, illegal activity, and chaos. In this finale the only that can save this family is the grace of God.


                     *God's Love: From Pimp to Preacher

Before he was Bishop T. L. Brown, he was first Boogie T. Brown. Before he founded his church Keep Hope Alive Faith Temple Tabernacle High Definition PIMPIN' Church of God in Christ, he was one of the city's biggest pimps and drug dealers. How did a hustler and pimp so scarred and lost, find his way to the pulpit? The answer is simple: God's Love. In God's Love: From Pimp to Preacher, we see a transformation at it greatest extreme. This would seem like a fairy tale story, but life has never worked like that for Terry Lewis Brown. As he states in his first sermon, "You could've said that I'd end up anywhere on this earth, except for the pulpit and I'd believe you. I thank God for letting me make it through the storm. I just wish my wife didn't have to die for me to stop running from the Lord."

                                                                         One-man shows...

        *Bishop T. L. Brown... LIVE IN HD!

You’ve seen him in the hit stage plays Just in Love I: 1 LOVE and Just in Love II: ADDICTED 2 LOVE, now he has his own one man show!!! Bishop T. L. Brown is the pastor of Keep Hope Alive Faith Temple Tabernacle High Definition PIMPIN Church of God in Christ. Bishop Brown is an arrogant and animated hustler that preaches on the side. He has a love for women, jewels, and the finer things! 

Come see Bishop Brown represent for pimps and preachers all across the globe! Bishop Brown and Keep Hope Alive Faith Temple Tabernacle High Definition PIMPIN Church of God in Christ needs your support! When you go to the show, tell em Bishop Brown sent you... for the Lord!


                     *The Pryor Empire

Almost four years have passed since Richard Pryor, arguably the greatest comedian ever, lost his battle with multiple sclerosis.  Pryor will never lose his position as cultural icon, and we can only hope that a cure to this debilitating disease will soon be found so we don't lose another soul that reaches out and touches as did Pryor and his ability to allow us to experience our reality with the outrageous, profane, and conscience perspective that only he imparted.

"I always wanted to star as Richard Pryor in the movie of his life,” Strong said. “Post-Jo Jo Dancer, his complete biopic. No one's called me about the movie yet, so I decided to do this one-man show in honor of the man I looked up to and give back to his family, his struggle, and his legacy.”
“The Pryor Empire” features T. J. Strong as Pryor from his teenage years up until the years of his last breath. He will also bring on Pryor's long time fan favorite character, Mudbone. A young Richard Pryor is played by Strong’s talented 7-year old son, Timirace JorDon.. This will be Timirance's second major acting role. The duo will be joined by special guests performing live stand up, music, and soulful artistry-- all giving tribute to the late great Richard Pryor.

                  *The King and X Man

Two of the greatest leaders of our time come together to change the world before it's too late. One believes in non-violence as the road to get to the mountain top. The other vowed to right all the wrongs of oppression by any means necessary. What would've happened if the two could've put their idealogies and indifferences aside to lead our nation together? If you thought that we would just have to wonder about the great possibilities of these two leaders joining forces, think again. The King and X Man is guaranteed to answer lingering questions as well as inspire a dynamic culture of humility and perseverance!